Lupe Fiasco – Drogas Wave Album (Zip Download)

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Lupe FiascoDrogas Wave (2018)

Lupe Fiasco’s Drogas WAVE, the follow-up to 2017’s Drogas LIGHT, was first announced last March. The announcement came at an unpredictable moment in the Chicago rapper’s career which began with plans to release 3 albums, before claims of retiring from music altogether, and ultimately the release DROGAS Light. At the time, he said that the album was “coming soon,” and over a year later, he’s made the same claim on Twitter with a graphic promoting the new album. While there’s no release date set, it seems like fans may finally be getting the project they’ve been waiting for.

Around the time of the announcement, Lupe suggested that the album would be considerably better than his Atlantic material, which he said was compromised due to his tense relationship with the label he has no parted with. “Just trust me. I’m not even saying this to sell records and get you all hyped up. I’ve heard shit. Shit is amazing. Shit is gonna be fucking crazy. From DROGAS Wave on, you’ll be getting the fully complex, fully involved Lupe Fiasco. And the best thing about it is it’s already done,” he said.

It’s unclear if the album Lupe is planning to release “soon” is unchanged from its “complete” form last year. Look out for further updates in the near future.


01. In the Event of Typhoon
02. Drogas
03. Manilla
04. Gold vs the Right Things to Do
05. Slave Ship (Interlude)
06. WAV Files
07. Down (feat. Nikki Jean)
08. Haile Selassie (feat. Nikki Jean)
09. Alan Forever (feat. Crystal Torres)
10. Helter Skelter (Interlude)
11. Stronger (feat. Nikki Jean)
12. Sun God Sam & The California Drug Deals (feat. Nikki Jean)
13. XO (feat. Troi Irons)
14. Don’t Mess up the Children (Interlude)
15. Jonylah Forever
16. Kingdom (feat. Damian Marley)
17. Baba Kwesi (Interlude)
18. Imagine (feat. Simon Sayz & Crystal Torres)
19. Stack That Cheese (feat. Nikki Jean)
20. Cripple (feat. Elena Pinderhughes)
21. King Nas
22. Quotations from Chairman Fred (feat. Nikki Jean & Bishop Edgar Jackson)
23. Happy Timbuck2 Day
24. Mural Jr


Lupe Fiasco – Drogas Wave Album (Zip Download)


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